Reconstruction and repairs

Reconstruction and repairs

Reconstruction and overhaul of buildings

Reconstruction and overhaul of buildings are among the most frequent operations in construction. Both these functions are carried out in the existing building or structure. Speaking of reconstruction, we mean radical change of appearance, type or purpose of the building. Having developed the facility reconstruction project, the team of specialists puts it into practice within the shortest period of time. Design of utility networks is carried out not only on the basis of the customer's wishes, but also on the basis of the purpose of the building.

Speaking of overhaul of buildings, it is carried out without changing the construction and/or general purpose of the building. Overhaul implies replacement of all parts or elements of the building with the new ones. Our Company is experienced in carrying out such works. We are also ready to take on the works related to preparation and execution of all necessary documents, as well as related to putting the building into operation.

Repairs of commercial real estate

Speaking of commercial real estate, we mean the facility the main purpose of which is bringing profit to its owner. No doubt, many things change as time goes by, and sooner or later most of the premises are in need of at least minor or cosmetic repairs.

In this case it is expedient for the customer to not suspend the production process. That is why often the aim of the customer is to minimize the duration of construction interference for as much as possible. In many cases the requirement is to carry out repairs on the territory of a functioning object without interruption of production or maintaining the standard schedule of operation.

Today there are methods which allow to carry out such works with minimal dust fall (certainly, this doesn't apply to the works involving change of purpose or reconstruction of the premises). Be it an office or a shop, business or trade premises, our goal is to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customer. And we offer our clients to cooperate with us in the furtherance of this goal.

Reconstruction and repairs

Reconstruction and repairs

State-financed repairs

The specific feature of a state-financed establishment is the fact that its construction and repairs are fully financed by using the funds of state budget or the funds of a state extra-budgetary fund.

Acting as a customer, such establishments often have limited financial resources and, consequently, peculiarities of spending the monies. In such cases the goal of our Company is not just to carry out the works within the shortest possible time-frame and with high quality, but also to be cost-effective.

Carrying out repair and finishing works at such objects like, for example, schools and higher education establishments, we must use environment-friendly and high-quality materials. Internal design of premises is also of considerable importance. We try to use warm and calm colours, which excellently convey warmth and coziness, creating a comfortable home-like atmosphere, which will no doubt contribute to improving the quality of education of our children.

We take all possible measures to achieve the maximal high quality of repairs and provide the customer with the warranty period of 2 years for our works.