Our Mission

Our mission is to design, build and put into operation important construction projects of various degrees of complexity. Such constructions are safe, environment-friendly and aesthetically attractive. We strive after satisfying the needs and requests of our clients, who represent different areas of activities, and of the state as a whole.

n order to achieve the result which will surely satisfy the demands of the customer, we seek to develop and update work and production methods and concepts of running a business as a whole. This is achieved by means of introduction of own corporate standards, corresponding to ISO 9001-2011.

We are focused on major Russian companies and also on foreign customers, aimed at development of business on the territory of Russian Federation. Our mission is to implement the projects of such companies on the territory of Russia in the capacity of the EPC contractor.


Our Company specializes in construction of shopping centers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and other commercial real estate on the territory of the Russian Federation. We have federal retail chains, as well as major Russian and foreign companies and corporations among our customers.

The motto of our company- “Honesty and Expertise”- reflects our attitude to work.

We have good reputation with different state agencies, which often determine the settlement of many important issues. Our priority in the course of relationships with the customer is not only use of different administrative resources, but also high-quality work towards achievement of the desired result.

Principles of the Company

All corporate work processes, that have been accepted by the Company and approved by the management or are being introduced at present in the Company, are aimed at achievement of the desired result.

The vision of the Company contributes to generation and development of effective processes, which reflect the essence of operation of Privolzhskaya Construction Company. Our general priorities for purposes of development of society is alignment and safety of construction processes, as well as safety of finished projects in the course of operation.

Customer-oriented approach

Privolzhskaya Construction Company seeks to be a client-focused partner. We determine the first, second and third priority needs and demands of our regular customers.

Being a loyal partner for our long-term clients, we are ready to develop and to provide high quality service.

The aim of our Сompany is to establish the needs of our clients and to satisfy them on a regular basis in order to form and develop long-term relationships and cooperation.

Our work is focused on the result that will fully satisfy our customer.

Quality and improvement

Our Company is the follower of “Kaizen” approach, originating from Japan. We not just seek to improve the financial indicators of our Company, but we also perfect the quality of the end product. That is why our Company practises multi stage quality control, and each specialist throughout the whole duration of production process contributes his or her skills and knowledge in order to improve the operation of the Company. Such improvements are permanent at all stages of work of the team; they reflect our intent to work efficiently and to achieve the desired result according to the established plan.

In the end our customer not just gets the end product in the form of construction services, but also the result of concerted efforts of the team of specialists. Policy in the sphere of quality corresponds to the standard ISO 9001-2011.

We also encourage our partners to perfect not only cooperation mechanisms, but also to improve any and all other business and partnership relationships between companies towards development of favourable business climate in the midst of partners.

History and achievements

"Privolzhskaya Construction Company" (PCC) LLC was founded in 2000. It carried out repair and finishing works in residential buildings of the city of Samara. With the change of management in 2005 PCC changed its priorities and personnel lineup. The Company embarked on work at public sector projects, beginning with reconstruction of media centers in educational training centers.

Today the Company successfully carries out construction of industrial and administrative buildings, special-purpose facilities, restaurants, shops, hotels. PCC also takes part in erection of large shopping centers in the Samara region and in other regions, fulfilling the functions of the EPC-contractor. At present our Company enjoys sustainable development and has many well-known federal retail chains and foreign companies among its regular customers. The list of clients of PCC is ever-growing, new clients are added to it on a regular basis. As of now the priority growth area for the Company consists of construction of large multi-functional shopping centers and industrial complexes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Media center

Business correspondence is one of the most important components of successful operation of a company today. That is why our Company pays much attention to maintaining correspondence and holding negotiations in written form. First of all, the speed of our reply to your message, as well as worthwhileness of maintaining further correspondence, completely depends on the importance of the information in your message. We don't encourage JUNK messaging, sending various advertisement, promotional and virus messages. Such messages are blocked automatically. Please keep in mind, that attempts to propagate viruses online may result in administrative, and in some cases, criminal liability.


Privolzhskaya Construction Company is interested in highly qualified young employees. Every employee of PCC is first of all the skilled master of his or her work. If you have perfect command of English, if you are ready for long-distance business trips, if you are an honest, responsible and qualified specialist in the sphere of construction, you may try and send you CV to us. Please keep in mind, that our Company is not open for all applicants. That is why the only way to contact us is to send us your CV with photo to the e-mail address: cv@psksam.com. If we are interested in your CV, we'll contact you without fail.